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Project Title Funding Year Award Type Focus Area
3D Augmented Reality Sandbox 2016-2017 Academic Enrichment Science Education through Inquiry, Discovery and Simulation
A New Vision: Using Google Cardboard to Promote Experiential Learning 2016-2017 Academic Enrichment Science Education through Inquiry, Discovery and Simulation
A Shakespearean Experience 2012-2013 Academic Enrichment Language Arts Standards and Theatre Performance
App Development and 3D Printing for At Risk Youth 2014-2015 Academic Enrichment Gender Diversity in Technology and 3D Design
Aquaponics: Growing our own Food Sustainably 2015-2016 Academic Enrichment Science and Culinary Arts Education with Local Focus
Art History Enrichment Club (AHEC) 2015-2016 Academic Enrichment Arts Education and Museum-Based Learning
Beaver Creek Stream Channel Study & Restoration Project 2015-2016 Academic Enrichment Biotechnical Engineering, Robotics and Science Education with Local Focus
BOOM! Magazine 2011-2012 Academic Enrichment Creative Writing and Student Publishing
Center for Family and Community Outreach (CFCO) 2012-2013 Academic Enrichment Service Learning, Multimedia and Student Publishing
Cigar Box Guitar Odyssey 2016-2017 Academic Enrichment Project Based Learning, Authentic Learning, and Inquiry Based Learning
Collaborative Dialogues and Interventions – Understanding Middle-Grades Student Disengagement 2016-2017 Teacher Development Teacher Inquiry and Action Research
Collaborative Integrated Learning 2015-2016 Teacher Development Teacher Collaboration around Developing, Writing and Assessing Integrated Curriculum
Collaborative Planning for Project-Based Learning (CPP) 2012-2013 Teacher Development Project Based Learning and Teacher Collaboration
Community Action Video Project 2011-2012 Academic Enrichment Service Learning, Activism and Video Production
Creating a Collaborative Co-Teaching Culture 2014-2015 Teacher Development Co-Teaching and Teacher Collaboration
Cultivating Culturally Responsive Teachers 2014-2015 Teacher Development Culturally Responsive Teaching for English Language Learners (ELL)
Digital Art After School Studio 2011-2012 Academic Enrichment Career Oriented Curriculum and Graphic Design
ESD: Sustainable Education Through International Understanding 2013-2014 Academic Enrichment Sustainable Education, Community Service and Multimedia
Fascinating Forensics 2009-2010 Academic Enrichment Integrated Curriculum in Elementary Education
Full STEAM Ahead 2016-2017 Teacher Development STEAM Focused, Teacher-Led Professional Development
Future 2,000 Common Core 2014-2015 Academic Enrichment Teacher Created Curriculum and Mobile Learning
Growing Teachers for Life 2011-2012 Teacher Development Reader’s Workshop
Holistic Approach to Research and Writing 2010-2011 Academic Enrichment Holistic Writing and Chicano Studies
Improving The Quality Of Teaching And Learning 2010-2011 Teacher Development Integrated Curriculum and English Language Learners (ELL)
iPad Development 2010-2011 Teacher Development Teacher Created Curriculum and Mobile Learning
Lesson Study 2012-2013 Teacher Development Lesson Study of Elementary Science Instruction
Literacy Enrichment Assistance Dogs (LEAD) 2012-2013 Academic Enrichment Literacy Enrichment and Animal Therapy
Mariachi Cascabel Youth Organization 2013-2014 Academic Enrichment Music Education and Tutoring
Masterpiece of Learning 2009-2010 Teacher Development Integrated Curriculum and Museum-Based Learning
Math and Maritime Place-Based Learning – M2PBL 2016-2017 Teacher Development Math Workshop (MW) Model Professional Development
Microfinance in Action: A Guide for Teenagers 2012-2013 Academic Enrichment Project Based Learning, Global Awareness and Economics Education
On-Sight/Insight 2009-2010 Academic Enrichment Cross-High School Collaboration on Arts Enrichment and SIte Specific Art
Opening Classrooms to Close the Knowledge Gap 2011-2012 Teacher Development Teacher-Led Learning Communities and Common Core State Standards
Pay it Forward 2012-2013 Academic Enrichment Elementary Service Learning, Economics and Mobile Learning
Project Go! 2010-2011 Teacher Development Lab Classrooms and Job-Embedded Professional Development
Project RENEW 2013-2014 Teacher Development Teacher Collaboration on Mathematics Common Core State Standards
Ronan Student Nursing Partnership 2016-2017 Academic Enrichment Health Care, Career Preparation and Community Service
Science Focused Interdisciplinary Integration 2011-2012 Teacher Development Integrated Curriculum and English Language Learners (ELL)
Science for the Community 2010-2011 Academic Enrichment Science Education with a Real World, Local Focus
See My Song, Hear My Voice 2010-2011 Academic Enrichment Music Education and Mobile Learning
Solar Power Computer Lab 2010-2011 Academic Enrichment Inquiry Based Engineering and Integrated Curriculum
STARS (South Texas Astronomical Research for Students) 2014-2015 Academic Enrichment Secondary Science Education with Real World Focus
Summer Program 2015-2016 Academic Enrichment College Preparation with STEM Focus
Teachers as Writing Mentors 2010-2011 Teacher Development Teacher Collaboration and Writers Workshop
Teaching for Social Justice 2014-2015 Teacher Development Curriculum and Teacher Development for Social Justice Education
The Bronx Great Debaters 2011-2012 Academic Enrichment Urban Debate League for Afterschool and Weekend Enrichment
The Greening of a Desert 2009-2010 Academic Enrichment Urban Agriculture and Service Learning
The Workshop Model: Building Students’ Self Esteem and Ability to Think Mathematically 2013-2014 Teacher Development Teacher Created Curriculum and Lesson Study
Theatrical Journeys Project 2014-2015 Academic Enrichment STEM Education and Theatre Performance
Transportation for Science 2011-2012 Academic Enrichment STEM Education on Military Base
Valuing Place 2009-2010 Teacher Development Integrated Curriculum with Real World, Local Focus
Village Science Project 2015-2016 Academic Enrichment Project Based Science Education
Waltham Integration Network: Connecting Teachers to Improve and Investigate Digital Learning in Urban Settings 2015-2016 Teacher Development Collaborative Inquiry and Teacher Research of Digital Technologies
Water Quality: A Roadmap to Understanding 2009-2010 Academic Enrichment Inquiry Based Science Education and Real World, Local Focus

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