Science Focused Interdisciplinary Integration

Teacher Development Grant

 2011-2012 Project Summary

Amanda Lamar

Science Focused Interdisciplinary Integration • Stockton, California

“Science Focused Interdisciplinary Integration” is based on an interdisciplinary, inquiry-based student-centered learning model. Teachers will design and implement a curriculum that integrates Science and English Language Arts. Teachers will be provided professional development and on-going support, standards-aligned curriculum guides, and relevant assessments that reflect the integrated curriculum. Students will engage in hands-on, science inquiry using science kits and other materials. Additionally, this method of instruction is appropriate for use with English Language Learners. A video journal will be included on a DVD that will be shared with staff, district, and any interested parties, for use as a model for other teacher groups. All developed curriculum, including unit and lesson plans, activities, assessments, teacher journals, and student notebooks will be shared with all staff and the district curriculum department. The school website will be updated to contain links to resources, including a blog allowing for interactive discussion throughout the course of the project.

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