Our Support Team



Gail Gudell is a financial controller who specializes in entrepreneurial ventures and non-profit charitable organizations. She has been working in this field for thirty plus years, helping business owners and philanthropists alike to keep track of the finances. Gail provides detailed, accurate information satisfying the budgeting needs of her clients and reporting compliance with all tax agencies.


Web Operations

Holly Rae Bemis-Schurtz is an instructional consultant specializing in quality online course design, faculty development, and using social media for instruction, engagement and student support. A former McCarthey Dressman Student Teaching Scholarship recipient, Holly has been teaching in online and blended formats since 2005 and working with educators and administrators at levels K-20 since 1999. She obtained her M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction and her B.A. in Elementary Education from New Mexico State University.


Content Writer/Researcher

Carlos is a content writer and researcher who has grown up in a family of educators. He’s assisted department heads while in undergrad at New Mexico State University and state legislators with a focus in education. He graduated from Florida State University with an MFA in Writing for the Stage and Screen in 2012 and has since moved to LA. He’s a produced playwright; his most recent play “The Last Days” premiered March 2012 in NYC and will have it’s second production in Portland, OR in 2014.

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