Growing Teachers for Life

Teacher Development Grant

 2011-2012 Project Summary

Ngoc Phuong Nguyen

Growing Teachers for Life • Hawthorne, California

The project, “Growing Readers for Life,” will use the successful Reader’s Workshop model to guide their work. The teachers plan to: 1) deepen knowledge by learning from experts; 2) strengthen implementation by collaborating to prepare materials, develop lesson plans, observe each other’s lessons, and reflect on their own teaching; and 3) make Reader’s Workshop sustainable by providing ongoing learning experiences to their entire learning community: trainings and model lessons for teachers, workshops for parents, and inquiry groups. Units of study (includeing teaching points, sample charts and checklists, and suggested book titles)will be posted by the participating teachers on the district website. Additionally, parent and teacher workshop materials will be shared with others in the district along with a DVD that documents their journey.

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