The Bronx Great Debaters

Academic Enrichment Grant

 2011-2012 Project Summary

Erik Fogel

The Bronx Great Debaters! • New York, New York

This project brings one of the most elite, college preparatory educational opportunities to at-risk communities in New York. While the project focuses on debating, students will learn skills in listening, note taking, writing, public speaking and communications, rhetoric, argumentation, and legal skills. The students will also master multiple subjects necessary for citizenship and leadership (includingcurrent events, politics, philosophy, economics, environmental studies, international studies, geography, culture, race, and public policy). The project leaders hope to replicate what they have learned over the past 10 years of debate instruction with 3-5 new schools each year. Free debate camps will be offered in the summer, and the program leaders will build a debate curriculum, including arguments and evidence, for use by new member schools. Each fall the new schools will be brought into the program and participate in their first debate. Tournaments will continue throughout the school year until June when the National Championships are held. A website will be developed and provide video archives of the debates.

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