App Development and 3D Printing for At Risk Youth

Academic Enrichment Grant

 2014-2015 Project Summary

Janice Levenhagen

ChickTech/Helensview Alternative High School • Portland, OR

When Google released their diversity stats it came as no surprise that nearly every field was dominated by white men. App Development and 3D Printing for At Risk Youth was dreamed up by ChickTech, a nonprofit organization focused on increasing gender diversity in technology through hands-on activities, is planning an educational program at Helensview High School, an alternative school in Portland, Oregon. Students will work together to build an app or mobile site that solves a problem in their school or community. Second, students will create 3D projects using Google Sketchup or a similar 3D modeling program and then print them on a 3D printer. Not only will this expose kids who would likely never have the opportunity to work on these types of projects, it builds a sustainable interest in technology, a field that is only going to grow in the future.

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