Project Go!

Teacher Development Grant

 2010-2011 Project Summary

Sabrina Flamoe

Project Go! • Portland, Oregon

Project Go! is designed to promote significant teacher development and student learning in lab classrooms, patterned after a model developed at Columbia Teachers College. During the school year, twelve project labs involving six or more teachers will include an initial discussion, the actual teaching and a de-briefing. The goal is to facilitate learning among teachers with differing experiences and responsibilities. Project Go! will provide an on-going, interactive, collegial environment in which risks are taken, feedback is candid and welcome, and immediate change can be implemented. This model supports the newest teachers; energizes and stimulates mid-career teachers; and leverages the wisdom and skills of veteran teachers while providing them with an equally invigorating opportunity for growth. Teacher and coaching notes will be shared; a questionnaire will assess changes in teaching methods; and a DVD of lab classroom highlights will be available to the teaching staff and others interested in implementing the project.

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