Masterpiece of Learning

Teacher Development Grant

 2009-2010 Project Summary

Raymond Veon

Masterpiece of Learning • Atlanta, Georgia

Fifteen inner-city art teachers will develop new insights into art and the creative process by developing interdisciplinary, museum-based learning experiences for kindergarten through 12th grade students. During a 4-day workshop at the High Museum of Art, teachers apply a new model of the creative process to design 75 interdisciplinary lessons and acquire new skills in using the museum’s permanent collection as a teaching tool. Upon completion, participating teachers apply for grants to bring up to 1,125 students to the museum. Projects emerging from these museum experiences are shared with 600+ people at the annual citywide scholastic art show. Teachers can use museum-based learning to convey the interdisciplinary context within which art’s open-ended meanings can be traced. For instance, teachers will learn how to use the museum’s massive Anselm Kieffer painting, Drache, to teach the history of our attempts to understand the universe, from Ancient Egyptian astrology to Renaissance philosophy to modern physics; how the dragon-myth can be used as an indicator of socio-economic development in ancient cultures; and how Kieffer’s choice of materials leads to considering environmental issues.

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