Microfinance in Action: A Guide for Teenagers

Academic Enrichment Grant

 2012-2013 Project Summary

Biba Kavass

Southwind High School • Memphis, TN

“Microfinance in Action” is a three-year classroom and field research project designed to engage high school Economic students in project-based learning. The purpose of the project is to: 1) prepare students to enter a workforce based on a global economy that requires awareness and understanding of the interconnectedness of world issues and cultures; 2) involve students in project-based learning that challenges their critical thinking and decision-making skills; and 3) instill in students a sense of global awareness and responsibility. Students will work in groups to research and analyze the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals. They will then prepare a proposal to present their findings to the Ambassador of their selected country. “Microfinance in Action” will culminate with the publication of a guidebook, a documentary and a socially active website for students. Additionally, they will produce a blog about their three-year journey.

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