Village Science Project

Academic Enrichment Grant

 2015-2016 Project Summary

Candacia Greeman

Loreto Primary School • San Diego, CA

The Village Science Project (VSP) aims to use an inquiry-driven, hands-on and play-oriented approach to improve access to high quality science education for over 200 disadvantaged students over a 3-year period at the Loreto Primary School in Rumbek, South Sudan. While most science is taught in a theoretical, teacher-centered manner in Sudan, VSP aims to shake this up by making classes more hands-on and student centric. By giving them hands-on experience with scientific inquiry and experimentation it will help connect the students to the world around them as well as develop critical thinking. Furthermore, students will be primarily exposed to science activities and projects that are relevant to their local environment e.g. “solar cooker construction,” to ensure long-term project impact and sustainability.

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