Pay it Forward

Academic Enrichment Grant

 2012-2013 Project Summary

Rhea Hristou

St. Vincent’s Catholic School • Salt Lake, UT

The goal of the “Pay it Forward” project is to teach second graders the importance of giving back while becoming venture capitalists. Each student will receive $5.00 as “seed” money to begin some type of business venture that will turn the $5 into at least $15.00. Over one month, the students will be able to use the money for ingredients for cookies or lemonade for a food stand, posters for a garage sale, beads for jewelry to make and sell, or whatever they choose. At the end of that month, students will do a presentation displaying their venture, discuss their project, describe their consumers, and tell how much they earned. The cumulative proceeds from the projects will be used to support a charity somewhere in the world. Additionally, the project will introduce a 10 iPad learning station, which will allow the students to communicate and learn, as well as gain knowledge through apps for journaling, geography, current events, vocabulary, math and presentation skills.

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