Center for Family and Community Outreach (CFCO)

Academic Enrichment Grant

 2012-2013 Project Summary

Brandon Kneer

Harrison High School • Evansville, IN

The CFCO is an innovative classroom model that uses student’s academic skills to create documents, multi-media, events, presentations, and more for over 20 non-profit organizations in their community. By linking content to real needs in the community, non-profits are gaining a valuable, free service and students are learning real-life skills. This project allows for students to: 1) research the non-profit groups and social issues in their community; 2) hold ‘Round Table’ discussions with local experts on special topic issues using the latest online literature and information; 3) tour the non-profit facilities and volunteer with local organizations and events; 4) collaborate with leaders on project ideas and write formal proposals; 5) use project- based learning and technology to design and create materials; 6) “pitch” their ideas through benchmarks and final presentations; and 7) openly communicate with the community through blogging and video journal reflections.

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