Community Action Video Project

Academic Enrichment Grant

 2011-2012 Project Summary

Ethan Knecht

The Community Action Video (CAVP) Project • Bronx, New York

This project will use research-based strategies including involvement in community service, activism, and video production. CAVP will combine these strategies with rigorous academic work to create engaging, authentic learning experiences. The program’s goals include increasing student engagement throughout the Bronx Early College Academy (BECA); improving the quality of student writing; fostering citizenship and democratic participation. CAVP has four components that include: 1) an after school program; 2) three interdisciplinary units involving all 8th graders; 3) one interdisciplinary unit involving all 7th graders; and 4) a film festival involving all 350 BECA students. Themes to be included in the interdisciplinary videos include: patterns in history, depression and recession, and Civil War stories. At the end of the school year, there will be a film festival to showcase the year’s video work and invite community members to join in the celebration of student work and community activism.

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