Holistic Approach to Research and Writing

Academic Enrichment Grant

 2010-2011 Project Summary

Benjamin Vazquez

Holistic Approach To Research & Writing • Santa Ana, California

The project addresses the Chicano experience as it relates to history, identity, labor, gender and culture. While it focuses on research and writing, the project is based on a holistic method. At the same time that students are exploring a subject of intense interest to them, they will be learning the skills necessary to succeed in college. Students will create murals, linoleum prints, and spoken words along with other forms of art, each of which will be supported by research, a works-cited page and thesis. The goal is to prepare students to achieve college freshman-writing level. Students will analyze primary and secondary sources about the Chicano experience in indigenous, Spanish, Mexican and U.S. time periods. By the end of the course, students will write essays that are both analytical and historical. The project will serve 600 students during a period of three years. 3,000 students will view the murals and art projects annually.

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