Creating a Collaborative Co-Teaching Culture

Teacher Development Grant

 2014-2015 Project Summary

Seol Moon

Stone Scholastic Academy • Chicago, IL

In the traditional educational model, teachers are isolated. As they encounter challenges, discover solutions, and celebrate successes, their breakthroughs are confined to a single classroom. While teachers love to exchange ideas, creating a culture of collaboration is challenging. Since teachers rarely observe each other in the classroom, they miss the chance to see their peers in action. “Creating a Collaborative Co-Teaching Culture” provides teacher development to a committed co-teaching team at Stone Scholastic Academy and introduces co-teaching “best practices” to Stone through professional development, observations of city/suburban schools with superior team-teaching programs, and by developing a learning corner with co-teaching best practices. A high-trust environment encourages collaboration in the classroom, between classrooms, and between the school, parents, and the community. That benefits everyone.

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