Teachers as Writing Mentors

Teacher Development Grant

 2010-2011 Project Summary

Libby Duggan

Teachers as Writing Mentors • Indianapolis, Indiana

The project, “Teachers as Writing Mentors,” requires a fundamental shift in thinking about writing instruction. Writing workshops will provide faculty with substantial and sustained support needed to make this shift and improve student attitudes and achievement. Mentor Teachers will develop systems of coaching among peers throughout the school to develop a culture of collaboration where peers support each other through constructive feedback, problem solving, fellowship and empowerment that enhance individualized curriculum decisions. At monthly meetings, Mentor Teachers will view and analyze videos of mini-lessons and student-writing conferences to identify the specific strengths of each lesson, the ways in which each teacher has grown, and opportunities for improvement. Mentor Teachers will utilize release time during the school year to share and discuss the videos with all teachers of writing. Additionally they will work together in grade-level groups to enrich curriculum and support the workshop experience with teaching demonstrations and peer-to-peer coaching.

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