Math and Maritime Place-Based Learning – M2PBL

Teacher Development Grant

 2016-2017 Project Summary

Lisa Cartwright

Blue Heron Intermediate School/Grant Street Elementary • Port Townsend, WA

Port Townsend School District staffs are working to re-think the 21st century school experience. The district’s Maritime Discovery Schools Initiative is guiding their transformation by encouraging teachers to change their pedagogy, increase student engagement, and experience connections between classrooms and business partners. Research shows that student learning is maximized using a Math Workshop (MW) model, which supports a culture that all students are capable of quality thinking; through true hands-on engagement, all young minds can make sense of mathematics. An engaging environment is also the premise for Project Based Learning (PBL), where students use 21st century skills to learn collaboratively while working on projects. This project develops 30 teachers over three years. This M²PBL project provides the structure for teachers to collaborate and design math environments for students.

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