Valuing Place

Teacher Development Grant

 2009-2010 Project Summary

Jeni White

Valuing Place: An Integrated Curricular Study of the Impact of Human Activity on the American West • Salt Lake City, Utah

This extensive 8th grade project explores the impact of human activity on the American west’s eco-systems. This curriculum unit will be collaboration among science, humanities and visual arts teachers who will design more cohesive curriculum that unifies the facts, skills, goals, and enduring understandings found within core standards. The project will not only reduce fragmented learning for students, but will serve as a methodology for teachers to build meaningful curriculum with their peers. Essential questions will link scientific inquiry, historical understanding, artistic sensibilities, and powerful writing techniques. It will be a model for teachers who want to build meaningful curriculum with their peers and will be the first of many future integrated projects. Teachers will create an electronic “binder” that includes the lessons / materials / activities that support the standards, goals and essential questions from each curricular area and for the integrated project. The binder will document the process and include samples of student outcomes.

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