Digital Art After School Studio

Academic Enrichment Grant

 2011-2012 Project Summary

William Mosby

Digital Art After School Studio • Memphis, Tennessee

This project will offer students a way to apply the skills they are learning in class to real-life issues while producing quality products. Though an after school studio, the students will be introduced to client-based projects and develop a working relationship with the client resulting in a marketable product. The Studio’s framework will mirror that of small graphic-design studios, where the collaboration between students helps develop positive teamwork that is essential in today’s creative marketplace. Students will create a portfolio that will show a mastery of the skills used in the graphic arts. Their portfolios will include brochures, business cards, advertisements placed in local media, CD covers for aspiring artists and musicians, and whatever else that can be designed for a specific purpose. Each client will provide an assessment upon delivery of their order that addresses the communication skills and manners of each student as well as provide feedback concerning quality of the student’s work.

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