Collaborative Planning for Project-Based Learning (CPP)

Teacher Development Grant

 2012-2013 Project Summary

Jessica Fishman

San Francisco Community School • San Francisco, CA

The CPP will allow SFCS teachers to work together in summer study groups to establish essential learning objectives, develop long-term project-based curriculum and develop common learning strategies for the coming year. Teachers will work in grade level teams, with more experienced teachers mentoring those who are newer to the profession. The CPP will provide opportunities for focused, intensive collaboration among teachers to support learning and curriculum development in the following areas: 1) project-based learning methods to support student learning in real-world, meaningful challenge-driven projects; 2) performance-based assessment opportunities and rubrics that are aligned to the projects and indicate the extent to which students have mastered the essential learning outcomes; and 3) culturally-relevant instructional strategies designed to engage and support students who are traditionally under-served by public schools. Teams will use the text Understanding By Design by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe to drive their project-based learning planning. Highlights of learning in the three areas identified will be shared at the staff-wide retreat prior to the start of the new school year. This will provide an additional opportunity to share learning among colleagues across grade-levels. Sharing will also aid in coherence and alignment of SFCS’s K-8 curriculum plan.

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