iPad Development

Teacher Development Grant

 2010-2011 Project Summary

Paul Bailey

iPad Development • Hemet, California

This grant will underwrite development of an iPad charter school curriculum in core subject areas of math, English, science and social studies as well as for lab classes in field ecology, paleontology, archaeology, biology, environmental science, Latin, engineering – robotics, physics and chemistry. The Apple iPad will serve as the primary curriculum resource for all students in a digital textbook environment. Every student on campus will have an iPad to use for the creation of individual content and for the viewing and manipulation of teacher-generated content. Students will download lessons directly to their iPads and use a variety of applications to research and interpret data as well as collaborate with their peers on co-operative projects. Lessons will be done primarily in pdfs, powerpoints, and descriptive blogs. All teachers and the principal will be involved in training and curriculum development. Teachers will review and implement new standards based on changes in technology while consistently evaluating content, programs, applications, and functions of the device.

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