Improving The Quality Of Teaching And Learning

Teacher Development Grant

 2010-2011 Project Summary

Connie Walser

Improving The Quality Of Teaching And Learning • Burlington, Washington

By integrating content and literacy curricula, this project will make content standards accessible for all learners with diverse literacy skills and varied backgrounds while significantly improving the quality of teaching and learning. In order to achieve the accessibility of grade level content standards and concepts, intensive teacher collaboration and team teaching will introduce an inclusive curriculum that integrates social studies with reading and writing. Faculty will include a special education teacher, an English Language Learner teacher, the district literacy coach, and content teachers working together to provide instruction that incorporates language with cognitively complex academic content while raising socio-cultural awareness. By creating a paradigm shift away from the more traditional separation of teachers and academic content and compartmentalized student learning, the project will provide opportunities for in-depth learning. The integration of language, reading, writing, and social studies will enable teachers to collaborate as a community of educators and to provide students with a comprehensive education that reflects the interconnectedness of the world beyond school doors.

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