The Freedom Project

Academic Enrichment Grant

 2022-2023 Project Summary

ELainia Ross-Jones

City Neighbors High School • Baltimore, MD

The mission of this project is to directly address the achievement gap in Baltimore City Public Schools by creating anti-racist, culturally relevant curriculum in mathematics. Students will learn about social justice issues that both interest them and impact their lives while learning how to use probability and statistics to explore the essential question, “Did slavery end or evolve?” This includes several mini-projects: “Central Tendencies of TransAtlantic Slave Trade”; “Histograms of Maryland’s Historic Population of 1860;” “Scatter Plots of Prison Population,” “Box Plots of Baltimore’s Black Butterfly,” “The Probability of Police Stops” and more. For example, in the “Probability of Police Stops” unit students learn about the racial disparities that were highlighted in Baltimore County as it relates to traffic stops by police officers. In this unit, Students create probability trees that map the possible outcomes by race based on Baltimore County Traffic Stop Data from 2016. As a part of this project, students also interview drivers, officers, and community leaders about their experiences with traffic stops in Baltimore County. The culminating project is a class museum which can be visited both in person and virtually.

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