Sensory Friendly Classroom

Academic Enrichment Grant

 2018-2019 Project Summary

Lea Greene

Cazenovia Middle School • Fabius, NY

Sometimes it’s the simple things that count. And if a kid can’t focus they can’t learn. This is compounded in classrooms with special needs students. Something as simple as an ergonomic chair that can help a student sit the way that is most comfortable for them is going to make more difference than all the lesson prep in the world. This result would be a Sensory Friendly Classroom.

This classroom would combine functional seating to learn as well as movement when appropriate. This grant would provide funding for different seating options such as wobble chairs, Ergo chairs, inflatable seats and rocker seats. It would also provide funding for alternate tables such as a dry erase table to allow students to write answers without having to hold their paper, tables on wheels to allow for easy portability, wheelchair accessible desks, and desk risers to students can stand up while still being able to work.

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