Science for the Community

Academic Enrichment Grant

 2010-2011 Project Summary

Tabitha Hargrove

Science For The Community • Bronx, New York

This program will turn middle school students into community change agents as researchers, innovators, advocates and entrepreneurs working to solve local problems. As part of their hands-on science lessons, students will interact with the Bronx River Alliance and the GLOBE Program (a worldwide network of students, teachers, and scientists working together to study and understand the global environment). Using their neighborhood as an outdoor laboratory, students will improve their own academic performance in science and math. Sixth graders will conduct experiments inside the classroom; seventh grade students will investigate plant structures and systems in the Bronx River; and eighth grade students will analyze water issues. All grades will post their findings online to the GLOBE Program. Students will also present their findings at community board meetings, a science symposium, and workshops focused on ways to protect their neighborhood environment and how to counter the effects of pollution created by nearby major expressways. Additionally they will participate in science contests, the school’s science fair, and a Science Expo.

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