Joining in the Present to Build an Equitable Shared Future

Teacher Development Grant

 2018-2019 Project Summary

Adam Kinory

The School of the Future • New York, NY

These educators are seeking to reconstitute the long dormant New York City Chapter of the New York State English Council and National Council of Teachers of English. This chapter will be open to any teacher, across content areas, that seeks to improve their instruction of reading/writing, with the nucleus of teachers will be from their school. It’s believed that the process of forming a chapter, will provide a vision around which teachers at the school can unite, learn to improve our ability to collaborate, while also redressing inequities in student achievement. By coming together in service of starting a NCTE chapter they are prioritizing creating a shared, preferred, vision of the future over of the self-flagellation and critique that too often results in pessimism and disenfranchisement.

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