Academic Enrichment Grant

 2018-2019 Project Summary

David Butler

South High School • Minneapolis, MN

Inaadiziwin, means “way of life” in Ojibwe, referring to the traditional seasonal activities that make up the Ojibwe year. The goal is to transform the All Nations Program to increase the engagement, achievement, and cultural knowledge of Native American students. The All Nations Program is a district-wide high school program targeted toward American Indian students in Minneapolis.

The proposed curriculum will follow the traditional Ojibwe and Dakota seasonal cycle, sequencing activities strategically over three years to develop the breadth and depth of student skills and cultural knowledge. Seasonal activities will include making birchbark baskets, snowshoes, and moccasins, building wigwams and birchbark canoes, collecting and preparing maple syrup, fishing, ice fishing, and growing and harvesting traditional food and medicinal plants. The goal being that the program will evolve into a sustainable peer mentorship model where upperclassmen will mentor incoming students in the activities. This model will strengthen the community within the program, provide support to new students, and allow juniors and seniors to maintain a strong connection to the program even as they explore courses outside of it. This will give students opportunities to take on leadership roles in the larger community as they share their learning with younger students and community members.

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