Global Learning Experiences Take Students to New Heights

Academic Enrichment Grant

 2018-2019 Project Summary

Kathryn Craven

Ashford School • Vernon, CT

Creating global competency opportunities through international student- led collaborations is the ultimate goal of the “Global Learning Experience Take Students to New Heights”  project. By focusing on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Students will meet the following criteria defined by the Asia Society: Recognize perspectives from around the globe. Communicate ideas to diverse populations. Take action to design innovative solutions to global problems. Investigate the world.

They are developing an exciting and immersive cultural exchange for students from Kindergarten to 8th grade using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a launching point for project based learning and collaboration with students in other countries (both in person and virtual). Students in K-8th grade will be immersed in school-wide projects that connect them with their global peers, working to engineer solutions the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. And this project is the first of its kind to utilize these parameters and tools laid out by the United Nations.

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