Developing a Bilingual, Culturally-Relevant Writers’ Workshop in the Elementary Grades

Teacher Development Grant

 2018-2019 Project Summary

Caroline Sweet

Perez Elementary School • Austin, TX

At many schools with a large bilingual population, student’s cultural and linguistic resources must guide instruction in order for children of color to find success in the current educational system. They are developing on site a model of writers’ workshop that embraces bilingualism and incorporates students’ cultural backgrounds, believing that what is developed at Perez can guide other campuses desiring a high-quality bilingual writers’ workshop as a model for developing students’ written expression while simultaneously giving students agency in their learning.

During this project, lesson plans, literature choices, student products, and coaching structures will be presented and shared with other teachers and schools. Perez teachers will collaboratively create a website where documents can be shared among colleagues and with other schools. Likewise, Perez teachers will present their work at the Adelante Conference in Austin for bilingual and dual language teachers in hopes that this program will be replicated in similar schools.

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