Native American Education

Teacher Development Grant

 2022-2023 Project Summary

Jessica Hendrix-Sandoval

High School at Moorpark College • Moorpark, CA

The Native American Education unit as part of the 9th grade English course at the High School at Moorpark encourages teachers to teach about the impact of the mission system on California natives in a cross-curricular manner. In Moorpark Unified School District, California History is required at the 9th grade level. The High School at Moorpark College strives to teach English curriculum to compliment historical analysis of California native cultures and their interaction with the Spanish mission system as part of the California history course.

This project supports teachers who will teach this unit in 9th grade English to grow as educators and experience the cross-curricular advantages of teaching students authentic California history, while using analysis of historical fiction to enhance learning. Cross-curricular learning, and the development of cross-curricular units, are one of the key features of education at the High School at Moorpark College. Project leaders will explore how this enhances student learning, and gives teachers the ability to dive deeply into topics and literature from multiple angles, perspectives, and lenses.

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