Application Access

Letters of Recommendation

If you have requested a letter of recommendation from someone and they are having trouble with the recommendation letter, please know this.

Each time you request a letter is sent from an individual, they receive a new link for submitting the letter which invalidates the old link.

If you have requested their reference multiple times and they may have received more than one email with the heading “Recommendation for Your Name.”
NOTE: Checking spam filters is also recommended.
The individual will need to locate the most recent letter and use that link to submit the letter.

Application Website

If you’re having trouble getting to our application, it’s possible your device may be accessing an older version of our website.

Here’s what to do:

Here are three options for getting a fresh version of the website.

  • Try a different device. Coming to the site from a computer that has never visited the website is the fastest way to access the application.
  • Clear your cache. Your web browser could be using an older version of the website. One way to fix this is to clear your cache – click here for more information.
  • Ask Google for directions. Your internet router also keeps a cache of website addresses.  You can sidestep your router cache by asking Google’s DNS for the proper access: click here to learn how.

Additional questions? Click here to contact us.

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